Common Problems That Can Arise in Your Gas Line

June 29, 2019

A gas leak in your home or neighborhood is no joke. If your home has a natural gas pipe, it’s important to be aware of potential damage or cracks that could cause a leak. It’s important that joints and connectors are fully sealed and that the seals are free of cracks. If you’re having issues with your gas line, you may not realize that specialty plumbers can handle your gas line repair in Vacaville, CA, and may even be able to handle your problem in a more affordable way than the local gas company. Read on for common problems you may experience with your gas line.

Leaks and the dangers they cause

The most common problem associated with gas lines is leaking. You’ll be able to notice a leak by a strong sulfur smell that resembles the smell of rotten eggs. You may not know that natural gas itself doesn’t actually have a smell. However, gas suppliers add this scent to the gas, so people can easily tell when they have a leak. It’s important for people to know that they have a leak as quickly as possible, because leaks can cause a serious danger and health risk. Not only can the natural gas poison you, causing severe intoxication or even asphyxia, but it can also result in an explosion, since natural gas is extremely dangerous.

If you smell the scent of natural gas, you should turn off your gas immediately and call a plumber for gas line repair in Vacaville, CA. While waiting for the technician to arrive, remove all people and pets from the home, and stay away from anything involving open flames, such as turning on the gas stovetop or lighting a cigarette. This is true outdoors as well, since gas lines run underground and through the front or back yard, so take extra caution when there’s a leak.

Blockages and valve issues

Blockages and issues with valves are other common problems people experience with their gas lines. Blockages in the gas piping can be caused by contaminants building up in the line or by debris in the access point. This results in a failure of the gas to flow to the appliances and function as it’s supposed to, and you won’t be able to use gas in your home if you have a blockage. Sometimes, it will just slow down the functioning rather than prevent it. Valve issues can create blocks or leaks, depending on the exact problem. Valves are easy to replace, but if they’re causing a leak, you need to deal with the problem immediately by calling a professional for gas line repair in Vacaville, CA.

ABC Plumbing is a full-service plumber and can handle your gas line repair in Vacaville, CA. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and experience and strive to apply these traits to every single job we work on. If you have a leak, block or other problem with your gas line, call us 24/7 for immediate emergency assistance.

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