Chlorine’s Harmful Effects in Tap Water

August 28, 2019

It’s no secret that there’s a lot of chlorine in the vast majority of municipal water sources. This is because chlorine is an excellent disinfectant—even in very small doses, chlorine is capable of killing off many of the microbial entities that may otherwise lead to serious illness or death.

However, there is a dark side to treating municipal water supplies with chlorine. While chlorine is indeed beneficial in the vast majority of cases, it can also lead to some unintended side effects. It’s important to understand the harmful effects of chlorine in Vacaville, CA so that you can take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your family from issues potentially caused by this powerful chemical.

While chlorine in tap water in Vacaville, CA and surrounding areas is pretty much standard in municipal water sources, it is possible to use a whole-house filtration system to strip out excess chlorine from the water in your home. Using a whole-home filter can help you ensure that you’re not drinking, bathing or washing your clothes in water that’s been overly chlorinated.

Here are just some of the many harmful effects of chlorine in Vacaville, CA that you should be aware of:

  • Increases risk of asthma: Drinking chlorinated water and swimming in heavily chlorinated pools can cause wheezing and inflammation of the lungs and airways. There’s a direct correlation between chlorine exposure and asthma rates, meaning that exposure to chlorine may increase the risk of developing asthmatic symptoms.
  • Elevates cancer risk: It’s known that drinking chlorine directly correlates to higher rates of bladder cancer, and it’s also thought that chlorine may have a relationship to colorectal cancers. This is because drinking overly chlorinated water is essentially the same as drinking highly diluted bleach. Chlorine destroys living cells and is carcinogenic.
  • Bad tasting and smelling water: Not only is chlorine bad for you, it also tastes and smells unpleasant. If you’ve ever turned on the shower only to find that it smells like a public swimming pool, you know that chlorine can significantly impact your quality of life. It can make your food and beverages taste poor and degrade your skin health.
  • Impacts cardiovascular health: Chlorine exposure is also thought to adversely impact the health of the human heart. Chlorine is thought to cause poor circulation and could potentially lead to an elevated risk of heart attacks and strokes. Studies demonstrating the ill effects of chlorine continue to be conducted.

Since 1999, ABC Plumbing has been one of the most trusted providers of water filtration equipment. We can help you mitigate the harmful effects of chlorine in Vacaville, CA. We’ll assist you in identifying the best way to remove chlorine in tap water in Vacaville, CA from your home. Our knowledgeable experts possess the skill and experience necessary to provide clients with a wide range of filtration solutions. If you’re struggling to determine the best way to keep your water supply safe and healthy for everyone in your home, reach out to one of our representatives today.

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