Frequently Asked Questions About Sewer Line Repair in Vacaville, CA

July 26, 2019

Having issues with your sewer line? Here are some of the questions we most frequently receive about sewer line repair in Vacaville, CA. Hopefully these provide some helpful clarity!

Q: What makes sewer lines fail?

There are several common causes of sewer line failure. A total failure of a sewer line isn’t that common, so the likely list of factors for your situation is going to be pretty short. Tree roots on your property could grow down in search of water and interfere with your sewer line, which could result in a blockage or leaks. Other types of obstructions can also occur inside the sewer line itself, especially if you’ve been putting items down your drain that should not go down there, such as paper products, excessive food or grease. Finally, old age can be a cause of sewer line failure, as the materials have been exposed to harsh conditions for many years, resulting in their needing to be replaced.

Q: Will I need to replace my sewer line?

Sewer line replacement is something you’ll want to avoid until it becomes absolutely necessary, because it can be a significant and expensive job. Consider the age of the sewer line, as well as who will be responsible for paying for the replacement. It’s a job not usually covered by homeowners insurance, and your local government will not cover the costs of the infrastructure if it’s located on your property.

You’ll also want to consider the signs of failure. If you regularly have water draining slowly, have sinking patches on your lawn or notice sewer smells on your property, it’s probably time to have the sewer line inspected to determine if replacement will truly be necessary.

Q: When should I have my sewer line inspected?

Beyond just having your sewer line inspected when you notice something going wrong with it, it’s also a good idea to have the sewer line inspected as a part of a full home inspection before purchasing a property, just to make sure you’re armed with as much information as possible. You can also have sewer line technicians come and clean out your sewer line every now and then to help prevent backups and clogs.

Q: Why won’t the city handle my sewer line repair?

The local government’s responsibility for infrastructural repairs stops when the infrastructure extends onto your property. Homeowners are the ones who are responsible for maintaining all plumbing in their homes, including any lateral lines that run from the home to the sewer main. This includes blockages that occur in the public right of way and utility easements as defined in your property title. In fact, the city is not even legally allowed to accept any repair requests in areas that are technically under homeowner jurisdiction.

If you do end up having a sewer line break, it is important that you are able to access an emergency plumber as soon as possible, as sewer line breaks can be hazardous to the health of your family and neighbors. For more information about the steps you should take after sewer line breakage, or to schedule sewer line repair in Vacaville, CA, reach out to ABC Plumbing today.

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