What Are the Benefits of Whole-House Water Filtration?

August 14, 2019

If you draw your water from a municipal source, you’re likely a little concerned about the chemicals used to treat your water, and for good reason. Some municipal water sources contain high concentrations of fluoride and chlorine, while others that rely on aging infrastructure may even contain lead and other heavy metals. If you use a residential well as your primary water source, you likely have even more to worry about—you have to ensure that you’re removing potential bacteria, contaminants and minerals from your drinking water.

Many people believe, however, that a water filter installed at the place where you retrieve your drinking water is enough to keep you healthy, and to keep your home’s plumbing system in good repair. In fact, it’s often beneficial to invest in a whole-house water filter instead. Investing in whole-house water filtration in Vacaville, CA is a great way to ensure that you’re providing yourself and your loved ones with clean, safe drinking water.

Here are just some of the many benefits of whole-house filtration in Vacaville, CA:

  • Better tasting food and beverages: Whether you’re brewing a pot of coffee in the morning or are boiling a pot of pasta for dinner, you likely use water throughout the day while cooking and preparing beverages for yourself. Unfiltered water can adversely affect the taste of the food and drinks that you make at home.
  • Crisper, cleaner clothes: If you only filter the water in your kitchen, your washing machine will be using unfiltered water. This could lead to clothing becoming dull because of too much exposure to chlorine. It could also cause soap scum and residue to build up on your favorite pair of jeans, or ruin your favorite outfit over time.
  • Healthier skin: There are few things more relaxing than taking a bath or shower in clean, well-filtered water. Chlorine and mineral deposits can be harsh on your skin; some may even make it difficult for you to lather up your favorite soap. Investing in whole-house water filtration in Vacaville, CA will help you ensure that your skin remains healthy.
  • Elimination of odors: Unfiltered water can get stinky. Whether you’re dealing with the harsh aroma of overly chlorinated tap water or the sulfuric smell of heavy well water, there are few things more unpleasant than opening up your tap only to be greeted by an ugly odor. The elimination of these smells is one of the many benefits of whole-house filtration in Vacaville, CA.

Since 1999, ABC Plumbing has been a premier provider of whole-house water filtration in Vacaville, CA. We’re proud to provide our clients with safe, dependable drinking water infrastructure for their homes and businesses. If you want to learn more about the benefits of whole-house filtration in Vacaville, CA, reach out to one of our friendly water treatment experts today. We can help you identify the filtration technology that most accurately meets your needs. Contact the team at ABC Plumbing to find out more about what we can do for you.

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