Five Times When the Hero Was a Plumber

July 20, 2018

Plumbing should hardly ever be a do-it-yourself job, especially when health and sanitation is at risk. There are times you need to hire a professional plumber in Vacaville, CA and leave this messy work to the experts. When there is a water or sewage ordeal, the plumber is often the hero in the story, as we may be the only one standing between squalor and modern sanitation. Here are five times when a plumber saved the day!

  • Rescuing valuables: Often the call is not for a clogged drain or overflowing toilet, but an engagement ring that is stuck in the u-bend of that toilet. Valuable and sentimental items often fall into toilets and kitchen drains, and plumbers are the ones who dig them out. Sometimes, this involves sifting through raw sewage and other disgusting conditions that would make the uninitiated nauseated.
  • Fixing your “repairs”: Many jobs involve a do-it-yourself job that failed badly. The attempt to fix a leaking basement pipe may lead to massive flooding. Using ineffective drain cleaning techniques leads to a sewage backflow later. Rather than mock these bad attempts, we simply come to the rescue and restore the sanitation and comfort of indoor plumbing to your home. After that, we hope you learn your lesson and just call us rather than spend money fixing your mistakes later!
  • Reduce disease: Cholera and typhoid spread quickly in the days before indoor plumbing and sanitation control. It is often stated that the invention of these two modern conveniences nearly eradicated most diseases. The presence of working plumbing and sanitary spaces is made possible by plumbers. Otherwise, there is a good chance that your home or commercial property could become a disease vector overnight—especially with some of the do-it-yourself fixes we have seen people attempt in this area.
  • Avoid the creep factor: Plumbers often explore sewage systems, crawl spaces and other areas where you likely never want to venture. In some places, especially in sewers, we run into the usual assortment of human waste, but also severed body parts, dead animals and dangerous conditions. Basements, crawl spaces and attics often lead imaginations to wild places, but for us, these creepy places are familiar. We visit the creepy areas so you do not have to, and many find that well worth the payment of a plumbing bill!
  • Reverse horrible situations: We often take our modern conveniences for granted until we lose them. Failed boilers lead to no central heating or hot water. Having the only toilet in the house hopelessly clogged up creates another desperate situation that makes that 3:00 a.m. plumbing call more than worth it. Plumbers frequently see people at their worst, whether they are cold, panicked or in need of a working bathroom. Once we restore these conveniences, the relief is palpable.

When you need a plumber in Vacaville, CA to come to the rescue, ABC Plumbing is available. We offer standard and emergency services with over 15 years of experience. Call us today to make an appointment.

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