Five Reasons You Might Have a High Water Bill

August 8, 2018

We need water to survive, which unfortunately means that almost all of us need to pay to maintain our access to this precious resource. Although the amount of water you use in your home may vary slightly from month to month, if you notice that your water bill has skyrocketed unexpectedly, something is probably going on in your plumbing system that is wasting water.

Fortunately, identifying the source of the wasted water is relatively easy. You might be able to spot minor leaks and drips on your own, or you can hire a professional for leak detection in Vacaville, CA to find those hard-to-spot problems. No matter where they’re coming from, you’ll want to fix these issues right away to get your water bill back to normal.

If your water bill is high, check your home for these five common causes:

  • Overuse: In some cases, a high water bill is simply a result of using too much water in a given month. This can happen if your household grows, or if you add a new water-drawing appliance like a dishwasher or a pool. If that’s not the case, check with your family to make sure water is being used efficiently, including taking short showers, turning off faucets and only running full loads of laundry.
  • Running toilets: Everyone needs to use the bathroom, which is why the toilet is the highest source of indoor water use in most households. Sometimes, toilets can begin to leak water from the tank to the bowl, wasting up to 200 gallons a day! The problem is noticeable by the constant sound of the toilet bowl filling long after you flush, and the source of the issue is usually a faulty flapper in the tank.
  • Leaky faucet: A consistent drip from one or more of your home’s faucets may not seem like it can make a major impact, but leaky faucets can actually waste hundreds of gallons of water a month! Check each of your sinks and showerheads to make sure water is not dripping out, and call a plumber if you spot a leak.
  • Cracked or leaking pipes: Even a hairline crack in a pipe can lead to thousands of gallons of wasted water a year, which can really drive up your water bill. Cracked or leaking pipes can occur inside the home, in outdoor irrigation systems or in the main pipes leading from your water supply. If you’ve checked indoors and can’t find the source of the leaking water, call an expert in leak detection in Vacaville, CA to find and fix the source of the problem as soon as possible.
  • Outdated appliances: Water conservation hasn’t always been a priority for homebuilders, meaning your home might have severely outdated appliances that use much more water than necessary. If your water-using equipment has an old manufacturing date, you might want to consider installing new appliances that run more efficiently and save water. Look for WaterSense labeled products for the best efficiency and call a professional plumber to ensure the new equipment is properly installed.

Did your water bill recently spike, but you can’t find the cause? Call the experts at ABC Plumbing and ask about our services for leak detection in Vacaville, CA. Our team also handles all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial plumbing problems, from equipment installation to pipe fitting to water heater repair and more.

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