Know When You Need Gas Line Repair in Vacaville, CA

August 3, 2018

Damaged gas lines place your household in danger. If you want to avoid consequences to health, home and landscaping, it is a good idea to know when your gas lines are in trouble. The signs are often small and subtle, but once you know them, you can call us sooner rather than later and avoid further damage with gas line repair in Vacaville, CA. Here are five signs that your gas lines need repair:

  • Physical signs: If you have gas line issues, you will have physical symptoms. They can be confused with cold and flu, so it is important to assess the rest of your environment before dismissing the possibility of a gas leak. Nausea, dizziness and fatigue are common signs of a gas leak, as well as a foul stench in the air. The stench arises from sulfur, which is added to natural gas to make it detectable to the human nose. If you do not feel well and notice the odor of rotten eggs, it is likely your gas lines are leaking.
  • Environmental effects: Just as the gas leak affects you, it will also have bad impacts on your environment. Vegetation around your gas line will die or decay. Windows near the line will attract more condensation. All these effects will cause issues with your home and landscaping, so it is best to address repairs immediately. If you let it continue long enough, you will likely be investing in gas line repair as well as new landscaping.
  • Weird sounds: Leaking gas lines are often not quiet. If you hear hissing or clanging noises near the gas line areas, chances are, there is a leak. Many people dismiss these sounds as the house settling or the plumbing acting up, but if you hear these sounds along with other signs, have your gas lines checked immediately.
  • Damaged or inefficient appliances: Natural gas appliances will not operate at full capacity if there is a leak. They may take longer to heat or make the same hissing or clanging noises as the gas line itself. You may also notice damaged connections and see the gas lines into the appliances—and any damage sustained by them. Sometimes people notice these signs before any of the physical or environmental ones because malfunctioning appliances are often annoying. We are often the next call after a visit from your appliance repair company.
  • Inflated bills: A gas leak may artificially inflate your utility bills. If you notice a dramatic increase that is not based on use, it is a good idea to check for leaks. The demand of your appliances plus the gas lost in a leak may increase your bills enough to notice the difference. These costs can add up after a while, so it makes paying for a gas line repair more than worth it to avoid the consequences to your health, safety and budget.

ABC Plumbing is available for inspections and gas line repair in Vacaville, CA. If you notice these signs, call us today to address these issues and restore your peace of mind.

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