Five Reasons Your Drain Might Be Clogged

October 9, 2018

Is your drain clogged? While this issue is common, knowledge of its causes is not. Many homeowners don’t realize the things they are doing can cause these clogs. They also don’t know how easy it can be to prevent them. If you are experiencing a slow or clogged drain, it’s probably due to one of the following reasons. Before you invest in hiring a drain cleaner in Vacaville, CA, educate yourself with the following information:

  • Dirt: Do you ever hit the showers after completing a dirty job? Perhaps you walk in from the garden and head straight to the bathroom to rinse away the dirt. Or maybe you throw those soiled clothes right into the washer. While these actions are understandable, they can also clog your drain. Consider shaking off as much dirt as possible outside before you wash your clothes or yourself. This will keep a lot of dirt out of your drain and help prevent the need for calling a drain cleaner in Vacaville, CA to remove clogs.
  • Roots: Tree roots are often in constant competition with pipes for space in your yard. If a root finds the tiniest opening in an underground pipe, it can begin to grow inside or through the pipe and damage the plumbing. The roots can prevent proper flow and result in clogged drains. To prevent this, keep an eye on tree root systems and monitor pipe systems for interference. Additionally, plant trees far from the house to allow plenty of room for root system expansion that will not encounter your pipes.
  • Hair: Do you have any hair traps in place to protect your drains? These drain guards will help prevent clogs, which are often caused by hair. Human and animal hair bind with grease and other substances to easily form clogs. Place guards on all drains to keep hair out of your pipes. These simple features can reduce the number of calls you’ll have to make to a drain cleaner in Vacaville, CA.
  • Soap: This may sound counterintuitive, but soap can actually cause clogs. Many soap products are made with fat or grease. This mixes with minerals in your water to create soap scum, which can clog pipes. To prevent clogs, try using soap-free washes. If your drains are already showing signs of soap scum buildup, hiring a drain cleaner in Vacaville, CA or investing in pressure cleaning can help remove this substance.
  • Minerals: Do you have hard water? Mineral buildup can create hard masses in your pipes that cause drainage issues. The sediment causes clogs that can be difficult to remove. Partner with your local plumber to keep your drains clear of mineral buildup. The use of a water softener can also help with this issue.

Keep Things Running Smoothly

Are you experiencing frequent drain clogs? If you need assistance with keeping your pipes clear, contact the professionals at ABC Plumbing. We are your local plumbing experts. Whether you need the services of a drain cleaner in Vacaville, CA or need your pipes professionally cleared, our team is up for the task. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule your next appointment.

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