Five Signs That You Need Sewer Line Repair

November 30, 2018

You rely on your sewer system to efficiently and effectively process wastewater as part of the plumbing system in your home or business, so it can be a disaster when something goes wrong with it. A faulty sewer line can cause major issues, including plumbing backups that require major repairs and costly replacements. While you can’t avoid trouble with your sewer line entirely, you can pay attention to signs that indicate small problems before they turn into major issues. Understanding the signs that you need sewer line repair can help you keep your system running effectively. Here are some signs a plumbing company in Vacaville, CA recommends you watch out for:

  • Odd smells: Sanitary sewers are designed to be airtight and keep odors from seeping out of the system, so if you can smell sewer odors, it’s likely that there’s something wrong. These odors indicate that there is a break or crack somewhere in your sewer line that needs repair.
  • Pooling water: If you see wastewater pooling in your yard, it’s obvious that something is amiss. In most cases, pooling wastewater is caused by a break in your main sewer line.
  • Water backups: If water isn’t flowing the way it should when you flush your toilet or run water down your sink or shower drain, there’s probably a problem with either your drains or your sewer system. You can troubleshoot this issue by testing out various drains to determine if the problem is occurring throughout your home. If it is, the issue is probably in your sewer line. If line clearing doesn’t work to fix the issue, you need to hire a professional plumbing company in Vacaville, CA to resolve the problem.
  • Slow draining: If water takes a long time to fully drain from your toilet, sink or tub, it’s usually a sign that there’s an obstruction in your plumbing system that needs to be cleared. However, if the issue seems to be consistent throughout all of the drains in your home, the issue is likely much bigger than a simple clog. You should request service from a plumbing company in Vacaville, CA to determine the extent of the issue and find out whether there’s a problem with your main line.
  • Overwatered grass: If patches of your grass seem much greener and lusher than others, or if you notice some soggy patches on your grass, there may be a leak in your sewer line. These signs indicate that a lot of water is coming up from below the surface of your lawn.

At ABC Plumbing, we know how crucial it is to maintain the function of your sewer line, and that’s why we are proud to provide prompt and professional plumbing assistance. We are happy to serve commercial, residential and industrial clients alike with comprehensive plumbing services. Whether you need minor service or major repairs and replacements, we are here to help. Give us a call today if you want to schedule service or find out a little bit more about everything that we have to offer.

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