How to Unclog a Drain with a Plumbing Snake

February 27, 2019

Most homeowners know the frustration of dealing with a clogged drain. Depending on which drain is clogged, you might be unable to perform your daily tasks and routines until the issue is resolved. Thankfully, there are some simple things that you can do to unclog a drain and get your plumbing system working again, including using a drain snake. Drain snakes are specialized tools that can be used to loosen obstructions in plumbing systems and promote the smooth flow of water. If you aren’t familiar with using these tools, it’s a good idea to learn a little bit more about them and how you can use them in your home. Read on for information from an emergency plumber in Vacaville, CA.

How to use a plumbing snake

To use a plumbing snake, you have to follow a few steps. First, feed the end of your plumbing snake through the opening of the drain that you’re trying to unclog. Depending on the type of plumbing snake you have, you may have to uncoil the snake with a handle to push the snake far enough down your drain. You should continue to push the plumbing snake down your drain until you feel like you’ve hit the clog and you can’t push the snake any further.

Once you have hit the clog with your plumbing snake, you will begin to rotate your auger to break up the clog or grab hold of it with your plumbing snake. If you feel your plumbing snake move further down the pipe after rotating into the clog, it’s likely that you’ve broken up the clog enough to enable it to pass down the drain. If not, it’s likely that your plumbing snake has attached to the clog and you can pull it out. After you’ve removed your plumbing snake from the drain, run your water on high to clear out any residual debris and ensure that the drain has been effectively unclogged.

Addressing clogs

If you are unable to fix a clog with a plumbing snake, you may need to get help from an emergency plumber in Vacaville, CA. They will be able to locate the clog and remove it effectively to ensure that you don’t deal with repetitive drain clogs and water backups. They can also provide you with tips for preventing drain clogs so that you don’t have to deal with this issue in the future. With professional service and proper plumbing system use and care, you can avoid a lot of expensive repairs and keep your plumbing system working properly for years to come.

Contact an emergency plumber in Vacaville, CA

If you need help with a plumbing emergency or you’re looking for some more useful plumbing tips from an emergency plumber in Vacaville, CA, reach out to ABC Plumbing. Since 1999, we have been proud to provide comprehensive plumbing services to our clients. Regardless of what your specific concerns and needs may be, we are here to assist you. You can find out more about everything that we have to offer by giving us a call today.

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