Know These Three Parts of Your Toilet Before Doing Any Maintenance

February 13, 2019

You might not pay much mind to your home’s plumbing system most of the time, but when something goes wrong, you want to know what you can do to fix it. Unfortunately, a lot of people lack the fundamental understanding of plumbing systems necessary to address issues effectively. Understanding a little bit more about your toilet and your plumbing system can help ensure that you know what to do the next time there’s an issue that requires maintenance or repair, as well as help you avoid having to call a plumber in Vacaville, CA. Here’s a look at some of the key components you might have problems with:

  • Fill valve: The fill valve is designed to sense the water level in a toilet and ensure that there is sufficient water in the holding tank while preventing overfilling. As water enters the toilet tank through the water supply line, a float device on the fill valve rises with the water line. Once the fill valve has reached a certain level, the flow of water will stop. Once the toilet is flushed and the fill valve goes down again, water will flow to refill the tank again.
  • Flapper: The flapper is a component in your toilet that lifts and lowers with your toilet handle. When you press the toilet handle down to flush your toilet, the flapper lifts which allows water to flow down through your toilet and into your wastewater system.
  • Flange and wax ring: In order to keep your toilet in place and prevent water leaks, it is secured to the floor using a flange and wax ring. The flange keeps your toilet bolted to the floor, while the wax ring creates a seal that prevents water from leaking from your toilet onto your bathroom floor.

What to do when toilets don’t work

If you experience a problem with your toilet, it’s possible that you can do something on your own to address it. Still, it’s important to reach out to a professional plumber in Vacaville, CA if there’s a problem with your toilet that you don’t know how to fix. Even if you have a basic understanding of how your toilet works, you might not be able to repair your toilet if it stops functioning properly. If you notice that there’s something wrong with your toilet, you should reach out to a professional as soon as possible to get the problem fixed and ensure that your plumbing system is in good condition. They will be able to provide you with a more thorough inspection of your plumbing and long-lasting repairs that you can rely on.

Contact a plumber in Vacaville, CA

If you have additional questions about plumbing maintenance or repair, reach out to ABC Plumbing. We are proud to provide a wide range of plumbing services that are designed to keep your home’s appliances and systems operating as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our team of technicians has years of experience and the expertise necessary to address all of your plumbing concerns. You can find out more about our services and get started with a free consultation and quote by giving us a call today.

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